Devouring Children’s Literature: Edible Books Festival Highlights

Volume 2 (June 2014)

The ChildLit Grad Student Association proudly held its first edible books festival and reading at San Diego State University this past April. In what they hope will develop into a sustained tradition, the ChildLit GSA brought a love for food and books to their themed festival, focusing on the prevalence and significance of food/eating in children’s literature.

Edible book festivals have a fairly long and curious history, and the endeavor of creating edible artwork based on book titles, characters, themes, and puns requires equal parts creativity and enthusiasm. The GSA built this event around the imaginative energy of such festivals in order to bring awareness of the impact and necessity for the study of children’s literature to the SDSU community. The event featured an edible books contest as well as a program featuring two of SDSU’s esteemed professors of children’s literature — Drs. Phillip Serrato and Alida Allison — and two local children’s authors — Mara Price and James Matlack Raney.

The Unjournal plans to share a full-length video of the event (including all the delightful talks); until then, please enjoy this highlight clip, filmed and edited by SDSU Television, Film and New Media Production student, Chris Porco.

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