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The Unjournal of Children’s Literature is an online open-access platform built to play with the traditional concept of a journal. The brainchild of the SDSU ChildLit Grad Student Association, The Unjournal was established in the fall of 2012 to create an active and supportive community of peers eager about the limitless facets of the field of Children’s Literature. In 2014, the Unjournal began operating independently, moving with the founding editors.

We are always looking for people to join our staff or participate in some way: copy editing, peer reviewing, graphic design, web design (expertise in WordPress platform much desired!!), artist soliciting, and more. Contact ChildLitUnjournal@gmail.com if you have an interest helping out, or even have a brilliant creative idea for us.


  • Kelsey Wadman – San Diego State University, M.A. May 2014. Kelsey is an enthusiastic new children’s literature scholar with an interest in trauma narratives and interdisciplinary work. She enjoys coming across children’s lit references in unexpected places. For example, she once found a locally brewed beer called “Bangarang” (which was quite tasty).
  • Alixandria Lombardo – San Diego State University, M.A. May 2014. Alixandria completed her undergraduate studies at San Diego State where she discovered that it was possible to study children’s literature seriously. With M.A. in hand, she has finally moved on from SDSU, teaching Writing at local community colleges and firmly grounded in her passion to explore children’s poetry.
  • Alya Hameed – San Diego State University, M.A. December 2014. Alya discovered the joy of studying children’s literature as an undergraduate at UC Berkeley, where she created and facilitated a course examining the Harry Potter series. Yes, there was quidditch involved. And yes, it was awesome. She has recently developed a fondness for the study of geography and space, and now scours children’s books for maps of all shapes and sizes. She has since discovered that maps and spatial studies are an ideal gateway into resistance narratives and postcolonial studies.

Editor: Rebecca Howat – San Diego State University, M.A. Candidate

Copy Editor: Vanessa Christensen – http://www.Letterbelleediting.com

Please direct any questions about the journal, submissions process, or other issues to ChildLitUnjournal@gmail.com

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