So What’s an Unjournal?

The Unjournal of Children’s Literature is an online open-access platform built to play with the traditional concept of a journal, venturing between the familiar and fantastic to find a balance that is just right. It will showcase new & fresh voices in the field of children’s literature, anticipating a diverse array of intellectual approaches. We hope this will encourage emerging scholars to pursue their passion of children’s literature. The Unjournal serves as the ideal door for nascent scholars to enter critical scholarship and express their ideas, while offering a unique experience for the established scholar or literature enthusiast (children’s or otherwise!).

As you explore the website, you should find recognizable features (e.g., articles, book reviews) alongside new kinds of content, like insightful interviews from scholars and creative forces in the field and art/illustrative works. Plus, we hope to add even more stirring content as this endeavor unfolds. Along with new content, the goal is to unravel traditional journaling by introducing new elements meant to highlight the virtues and liberties of an online platform. This includes a shift in the publishing process — to a rolling system of publishing articles (to keep you on your toes!) — and the ability to engage socially via comments and Twitter. We hope these added facets will inspire you to participate in generating conversations in and outside of the journal.

Ultimately The Unjournal should provide a new avenue to approach the critical field of children’s literature.


ISSN 2331-6896

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