Call For Papers

The Unjournal now accepts submissions on all topics of Children’s Literature
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We now welcome all submissions on any topic dealing with children’s literature and media, children in literature, or childhood studies. Submissions will be sent for review on a rolling basis, so please feel free to send properly formatted and proofread essays to us, following the guidelines below. Remember, both traditional and unconventional submissions are welcome. Some potential examples of creative approaches include: an interactive map/chart of your argument, an illustrative approach, or an editorial/opinion article (less academic, more charged).

For special topic Call for Papers, view the dropdown menu above. Future CFPs will be listed there, as well as past ones.

Review Process:

The review process for submissions will include a double blind peer review. The selections for publication will be based on recommendations from the peer reviewers and final editorial review. We will shortly post a reference guideline on the review process and terminology, so that new scholars can become familiar and thus less intimidated by the process.

Submission Guidelines:

Typical Unjournal articles can fall within 2500-6500 words (8-20 pages double spaced). So you can submit a conference paper or a lengthier version. Priority will be given to those articles with clear and compelling arguments, little to no grammatical/spelling errors, and articulations of something new or innovative.

All essays must comply with MLA formatting, and must be thoroughly proofread for typographical and syntax errors. Submissions are subject to non-consideration if author does not show careful editing on initial submission (i.e., if you have too many sentence level errors, your work may not be considered).

Send your full paper submissions to

  1. Indicate in the subject that this is an article submission
  2. In the body of the email, include your name, contact information, title of your work, and abstract (250 words max)
  3. All papers should be attached as a Word document (.doc or .docx)
    • Include ONLY the title on the document
    • Do NOT include your name or contact information in the Word document

Any supplemental artwork should be attached as a JPEG. If the file size is too large to be sent via email, please contact us directly to arrange an alternative method of submission.

If you are submitting an alternative work (creative essay, visual presentation, etc) please indicate “alternative article submissionin subject line. Same guidelines apply as above for body of email and submission file.

Copyright Information: Please note that due to copyright laws, there may be images that we will not be able to reproduce; it is up to you to confirm, obtain, and provide us with proof of copyright permission. Otherwise, we can include legitimate links to artwork/images if provided.

Any Questions? Contact the Unjournal editors at


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